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Age: 21
Height: 5’7" / 170 cm
Bust Size: 36B
Hair color: Brown
Country: USA, Washington
Star Sign: Scorpio

Aislynn is in her white lingerie and showing us her hairy pits, legs, and pussy. She smiles as she undresses and lays naked, to let everyone enjoy her hairy body. At only 21 she is a sexy natural.

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    This small titted young American girl has got my cock throbbing hard. Instead of sitting here stroking my cock to naked pictures of her, I should be helping those perky little tits of hers while I slap her in the face with my dick then surprise her by forcing my cock down her throat until she chokes. Once I’ve injected my cum directly into her stomach, I’ll spread her legs, navigate my way through that thick bush of pubes to find that juicy wet, pink cunt of hers (she’s got a decent little cunt her btw) and then slide my throbbing cock up her tight young cunt. She’ll probably want me to stop but that’s too bad because I’m about to put a finger up her asshole. And then to fingers. And then stretch out her young little asshole by forcing my whole fist up there while I’m still balls deep in her cunt. At this point she’s in pain and crying for me to stop so my buddies take turns at sticking their cocks down her throat to keep her quiet. I’ll cum inside her pussy. Give her tits a good hard snack and slap the whore in the face before the next guy takes a turn with her pussy. She just lays there like a worthless piece if meat while any guy off the street uses her throat, pussy and asshole at their disposal. The stupid slut isn’t good for much but at least her holes can please us.

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  • Serena : It is wonderful to see a young woman in such a state of arousal.
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