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Age: 21

Height: 5’7" / 170 cm

Bust-size: 36B

Ethnicity: White

Hair Color: Brown

Country: California, USA

Star Sign: Scorpio

Want to peak up Serena’s skirt? You won’t be disappointed by what this hairy girl is hiding underneath her blue skirt, or her blue panties. Why not take a peak in this hairy porn gallery?

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    Serena... You are so beautiful that you take my breath away.

    • hi serena i like girls with hair and yes im a girl maybe i can come over and i can lick ur pussy then when u cum i will lick that 2 i dont like dildo’s well sometimes i like them but not all the time and do u have a man or a girl cuz i was thinking maybe i can be ur girlfriend or ether ur sex buddy i like that then we can have sex all the time
      when we get horny

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    serena has a hot body and a nice hairy pussy

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    She’s too big to enter. I love her hairy cunt

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    Nice looking babe. I love the armpit hair. Very nice.

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    This sweet little mutt has a decent set of tits on her. Would love to grope her bare breasts and pinch those nice erect nipples. Her pussy is incredibly hairy too, pubes galore, hiding that delicious pink cunt of hers that she so willingly spread her legs and opened up for us. Nice wide gape on her cunt, clearly her pussy has been well used. Like the pussy juice seeping out of her cunt hole too. That slut is turned on and ready to take any cock she can find.

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    Jesus, look at the pussy on this one! Pubes are growing wild. Lovely to see this little cutie spread her legs and open her juicy cunt up like the good little whore she is. She’s that wet at the thought of millions of people rubbing off over her naked body that she has creamy pussy juice seeping out of her gaping cunt hole. Decent set of tits on her too, would like to smack them around while I’ve got my cock deep inside her pussy.

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    It is wonderful to see a young woman in such a state of arousal.

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    What a good little whore, spreading her legs for the internet and opening up her meaty cunt flaps for all to enjoy. Not a bad cunt on her by the way, wouldn’t mind taking a turn with my cock inside her. Decent set of tits on her too, nice shape and perkiness, not too big, not too small

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    Roses are red
    Your bits are pink
    I want to put my organ
    In your stink

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    She’s got my cock throbbing hard. Would love to just walk up to her, grab her tits and pull her clothes off. I’d then tie her up, fondle her tits and ram my hard cock down her throat until she throws up and starts crying. Then I’d spread her legs open and stick my cock up her juicy wet hairy cunt, come inside her pussy, flip her over and stick my cock up her tight little asshole. Once I’ve come in her ass too, I’ll smack her tits around and hand her off to a group of mates waiting to have their way with her. When we’re all finished with her, we’ll force her to cook up a meal naked and lay there while we eat it off her used body. Then we’ll send her home to her boyfriend.

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    Filthy slut needs to shave her legs and pits before any guy or group of guys would ravage her body with their cocks. At least she’s got a decent set of tits on her and she is happy to spread her legs and put that hairy pink cunt out on display for the world to check out. Nice to see her cunt juices flowing nicely, ready for the next cock to slide up inside her. I bet the studio smelled like nice juicy pussy at the end of the shoot. I’m sure the photographer forced her cock down her throat and up her juicy wet cunt at the end of the shoot like the good little whore she is.

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